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Hawaiian Mimosas – this easy cocktail recipe has just three ingredients and will make you think you’re on a beach in paradise. Pineapple, Rum, and Champagne is all it takes to make this delicious cocktail! Make it for one or make it for a party in a pitcher – they’re easy to make either way!


My family and I have been lucky enough to go to Hawaii for the last two summers. The first year we went it was absolutely magical and exactly what we needed at the time: rest, relaxation, and the beach. We fell in love with the sand and the sun and the culture and the food and vowed to go back every year. (I’ve even continually looked at real estate in the hopes of buying a condo but I’m not a millionaire so….)

Last year our trip was just as fun, but different since it wasn’t all new. And right smack dab in the middle of our trip, my husband got a work call that changed our lives (long story short: a bunch of people got let go and the company culture started going downhill, and he eventually changed jobs). Because of his new job he doesn’t have very much vacation time so Hawaii has to wait for us…which I get and understand but as we get closer to June I am craving my spot at the pool watching Jordan swim while I drink mimosas.

Before our first trip to Hawaii, I’d never thought to use pineapple juice in a mimosa. In fact, I never really liked mimosas because I don’t love orange juice. Not worth the calories, I’d think, just gimme a big glass of champs….until I tried a PINEAPPLE Mimosa, that is.

You guys: pineapple mimosas are Life. Changing. Pineapple juice and prosecco have taken up permanent residence in my house since I first tried them. Plain old bubbles + pineapple is great but recently I got smart and added Malibu Rum.

There aren’t even any words.

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